24 Nov 2019

New Fabian Anderhub CD - WHAT COLOR IS YOUR SKY - is finally out, get it!

- Ak Guitars, Mandoline, Dobro and Ukulele for the new Bo Katzmann CD.
- Lots of Country Guitars for Michelle Ryser . New CD entered 7 in the Swiss Album Charts.
- More recordings for the new Calimeros album, dBvH (Thurgovian Legend:-) Musikapostel , Nelly Patty and many more.

- Ak git, Pads and Oud Tracks for the upcoming Sönke Wortmann movie CONTRA.

15 May 2019

Gitrecordings for 2 new episodes of ZDF TV Series Ella Schön - die nackte Wahrheit , Ella Schön - Sturmgeschwister , ARD Movie Käthe und ich and for Doku 24h Europe (ARTE, BR, SWR)

- More recordings for DJ Antoine megamix 2019 , CD out now. Franz Arnolds new CD Rebäll and lots of overdubs for the new Fabian Aderhub CD, coming soon.

- Also guitartracks for albums of Cristina Maria Sieber , Angelika Milster , Patrick Lindner , Thierry Condor , Calimeros , Mark Dean etc.

26 Sept 2018

recordings for Film: Der Hauptmann, Honey in the Head, a remake of the german language film Honig im Kopf feat. NICK NOLTE and Klassentreffen 1.0.

More recordings for new CDs of Francine Jordi, Michael Hirte, Nicki, DJ Antoine YALLAH HABIBI! (feat. Sido), Fabian Anderhub , dBvH ..Urgau?:-) Me & my Toothbrush , Musikapostel , Swiss Skills (SRF Theme Song) and many more..

21 Feb 2018

recordings for Film: Ein schrecklich reiches Paar (ZDF 2017), Laible und Frisch: Do goht dr Doig (in Cinemas now), Abgeschnitten (with M. Bleibtreu) and Ku`damm 59 (in the works). 3 follow-up Episodes of the very successful Ku`damm 56.
The movie Hot Dog is now playing in Cinemas.

More recordings for Pamibo Music, Leonard, Frank Vetter, DJ Antoine, Calimeros , Monique, Musikapostel , Michelle Ryser and many others.

13 Juli 2017

Soundtrack Recordings for TV Series/ Dokus: Das Pubertier , Eltern allein zu Haus (3 Episodes), 5 new Episodes of Sarah Wiener - eine Woche unter.., and 24h Bayern .
TV Movie Kalt ist die Angst .

The Movie Sommerfest (Sönke Wortmann) is now playing in Cinemas, Critic quote on Soundtrack: "lots of Gitarrengezupfe":-) . Guitars for Conni & Co2 - das Geheimniss des T-Rex (in Cinemas April 17) and for the upcoming movie Hot Dog (Dez 17).

CDs/ Songs for Urs Wiesendanger (always great stuff!), Francine Jordi (Demos) and 12 Songs for the new Michael Hirte CD. The song FEUERVOGEL by Andrea Berg finally got released as Single early this year and is on the Deluxe Edition Seelenbeben .

More guitars for Willy Tell , Frank Vetter , Pamibo Music , 2nd Cd of DBvH and lots of others..

10 Sept 2016

Recordings for the new Cd of Thierry Condor. Currently playing on Swiss Radio SRF1, Congrats! - Also for the new releases of Ute Freudenberg/ Christian Lais , Leonard , Musikapostel , Jörn Schlönvoigt , Alexander Rier etc.

- More recordings vor Films: Ku'damm 56 , Der Hodscha und die Piepenkötter , New Episodes of Sarah Wiener , Cro - unsere Zeit ist jetzt premieres in Nov, Connie & Co now playing in Cinemas and Mein Sohn Helen .

4 Feb 2016

you can buy now all 4 Cuthead albums via SMS, Paypal or Mastercard on iGroove

28 Oct 2015

- Guitrecordings for new episodes of ZDF Series Sibel & Max , the new CD of Ute Freudenberg - ALLES OKAY (out now), Nora En Pure - SALTWATER (single), Dä Brüeder vom Heinz - MARRONIHERZ (CD out now), Antonio Giacca , the upcoming new CD of Piero Esteriore , Frank Vetter - MORE THAN WORDS (CD out now) Calimeros - SOMMERSEHNSUCHT, Willi Tell , two upcoming Michael Hirte CDs and many others.

- My guitartracks are also used for the movie Maedchen im Eis (D 2015), the new Kino TATORT Tschiller - off Duty and for two new TATORT episodes Fegefeuer and Der grosse Schmerz . Both premiere Jan 2016 on TV.

16 April 2015

- Ac and el guits for the Soundtrack of ZDF Movie Hanna Hellmann (part 1 & 2), the TV Series Sibel & Max and for ZDF movie Franziskas Welt - Hochzeiten und andere Hürden .

- Also some guit snippets for the new Fabian Anderhub CD - the rumours are true and many others

24 Dez 2014

- Merry Christmas and happy new Year to everyone!! There are 6 new audioclips from recent recordings in the Studiosection (top 6) for those interested, check HERE. Cheers!!

11 Oct 2014

- guitars for DJ Antoine, Wiudä Bärg, Cedric Zeyenne, Sons of Maria, Jörn Schlönvoigt, Michael Hirte and many others.

- Also for the Soundtracks of the movies Grossstadtklein, Tod den Hippies - es lebe der Punk, Die Briefe meiner Mutter, Das Glück der Anderen, Honig im Kopf, 24h Jerusalem and Frau Müller muss weg .

15 march 2014

- played and recorded guitars for the soundtracks of Vaterfreuden (now showing in cinemas), the new Tatort - Kopfgeld and ZDF Film Zwei mitten im Leben.

- more guitars for Atlantis, Patrick Lindner, Linda Fäh, Musikapostel and others.

2 Nov 2013

- guitartracks for Andrea Berg, DJ Bobo, Ruth Mixter , Cedric Zeyenne, Lisa Bund, Britta & Dirk, Patrick Lindner, Calimeros, Alexandra Lexer, and others

- also for the Soundtracks of the movies Frau Ella (now showing in cinemas) and Schossgebete, premieres 2014

24 June 2013

- guitars for DJ Bobo , Ruth Mixter (nice Songs, great Voice!), Patrick Lindner , Michael Hirte , Leonard , Musikapostel , Cedric Zeyenne , Britta & Dirk , Lisa Bund , , Tomaros , and others

- more guitars for two upcoming Musicals and for the movie Grossstadtklein , will be playing in Cinemas in August 2013.

19 Feb 2013

- guitars for the moviesoundtracks of Kokowääh 2 , Schlussmacher , 3096 and Anleitung zum Unglücklichsein . All Movies are now playing in Cinemas near you.

- Bandrecordings and Overdubsessions at SONAR SOUND STUDIOS for Swiss Singer Salome . Thank you, lots of fun!

- ac and el. Guitars for great Singer Thierry Condor . Check out his upcoming album..!

- More recordings for Sigrid und Marina , Tomaros , Musikapostel , Frank Vetter , Sandra Maurer etc..

15 Oct 2012

- guitars for the filmsoundtracks of Schutzengel starr Till Schweiger (now playing in Cinemas) Unter Frauen and Omamamia .

Recorded also guitars for the new Michael Hirte Cd, Cedric Zeyenne , Frank Vetter (new EP) etc.

21 aug 12

- git recordings for Simone , Nicole Gut, Tom Mandl, Paldauer, Sandra Maurer and Dora Somogyi at SONARSOUND Studio, thank you!

- also new filmstuff for upcoming movies and TV, will keep you posted

22 apr 12

- git recordings for Chris Norman, Ute Freudenberg, Angelika Milster, Menowin, 69 Chambers and others..

23 jan 12

- guitars for ARD Series Nordisch herb , Die Nonne und der Kommissar and TV film Therese geht fremd (ZDF)

- more guitars for two new german movies, will premiere in cinemas later this year.

- played ac, el guitars and 12- string on live bandrecording for MBB , check out the CD HERE

More ac and el guitars for Leonard, P. Esteriore, Francine Jordi, Andreas Nagel(D), Freudenberg/ Lais(D), Paldauer and various others.

26. Aug 11

- Recently recorded guitars for Hansi Hinterseer, Piero Esteriore , SP Zh , Frank Vetter , Musikapostel , Gracia (D) , Alpenwind , new FILM and others

17. March 11

- Well, its been a while since the last update but anyway...this time it`s to the producers:-).

The soundtrack for "Kokowää" entered the german albumcharts at nr. 6, congrats!!!

guitars for Silberstern , Thea & Vendi and Inam (nice one!) produced by TOMMY MUSTAC

recordings again for Nubya and Ray Allen Wescott , produced by URS WIESENDANGER

and for Leonard prod by MARTIN KOHLER

Steffen Peter Haas prod by BILLY KING

ak/ nyl and e- guitars for two new TV films Bollywood lässt Alpen glühen and Die Nonne und der Kommissar prod by SAT1 (I guess:-) music M. RONNER

slideguitars for norwegian singer/songwriter Kjetil Linnes who also produced the song (nice one!)

new album for Monique prod by PHILLIP METTLER

02. Nov 10

- Loads of guitars for upcoming album of Marina , very much fun to work on songs from Paolo Mendonza, Maury etc. GREAT STUFF!!.

- More recordings for:

the movie "Kokowää" with/ from Til Schweiger ,
german singer Franziska (BMG Ariola),
different CH Eurovision songcontest entries,
a german TV doku about food,
Trailer for new Marco Rima movie "Liebling lass uns scheiden" ,
new albums for Jessica Ming , Stefan Roos (CH), Tom Mandl (Ger),
5 songs for italien Rapper Paolo (Estromatto)
and various others...

13. Aug 10

- Guitartracks for new albums of Birgit Langer (Ger), Patrick Lindner, Nubya , Sarah Jane , Jessica Ming and others.

- Dobro, Uke and acoustic guitars for soundtrack of a new UFA Movie called Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe.

06. June 10

- Loads of Vintage guitarsounds, Mandolin & Ukulele for the upcoming second Vanessa Neigert album. Great fun!! Love them 60-ties!

- More tracks for Music Cabaret La Stracciatella , the new KRUEGER album by Selected Sound and various others.

- Updated the GEAR page, so if you ever need some lovely 12- string, Oud or weird 60-ties guitar..its all there.

02. April 10

- Recordings for new CD of comedian Beat Schaer , two Musicals Footloose and Berlin brennt and new CDs of Paloma and Leonard .

- Also contributed Mandolin, Oud and acoustic guitartracks for the Soundtrack of upcoming Sat1 movie Die Frau des Schlaefers .

03. Feb 10

- New recordings for Sarah Burgess (US) , Dani Kalt and various others.

- New filmwork coming up.

- For all of you who didn`t notice, new samples/ pics on HERE.

02. Oct 09

- Contributed Guitartracks for the debutalbum of Vanessa Neigert (DSDS) and for the upcoming album of Nina Stern. Also for a very nice song by Marina produced by TOMMY VETTERLI at NEW SOUND STUDIO.

- Another Filmsoundtrack is in the making for a film called trau niemals deinem Chef , starr. ULRICH NOETHEN. Music written by Maurus Ronner .

- The movie Desertflower (WUESTENBLUME) is now playing in Cinemas near you. Go check it out!

11. Aug 09

- Guitarrecordings for two new TV films called Sexstreik (Sat1) and Luises Versprechen (ARD).

- More guitatracks for Patrick Lindner, Patric Scott and Tony Lewis (long time no see man:-)

07. July 09

- The soundtrack of the movie Phantomschmerz starr. TIL SCHWEIGER is out now on CD. Get it!

14. May 09

- Guitartracks for the Soundtrack of the upcoming Movie Desert Flower , premieres around autumn this year in Cinemas.

- More guitarrecordings for DJ Bobo , Sonja Weissensteiner (Ger) and others.

- Phantomschmerz starr. Till Schweiger premiered in Germany.

15. Mar 09

- Contributed guitartracks for 3 new Films. Frauen wollen mehr , Liebe ist Verhandlungssache and ZDF Film Von ganzem Herzen and last but not least also for US Singer Aaron Sidwell . Great tune that one!!

15. Jan 09

- Here`s a great Review about my 2006 CD Tones written by MJ BRADY, released 7. jan 09 at Proggnosis.com . Enjoy!!

12. Dez 08

- Great feature in Guitarist Magazine UK . Interview took place around Aug 08 on the phone. Thanks to John & the guys from Guitarist Mag!! Read hier.

2. Nov 08

- Soundtrack for the movie NOTHING BUT GHOSTS is out now on Normal Records featuring Danish Singer/ Songwriter Tina Dico. Check it out!

19. Sept 08

- New Review/ Feature on YourSite (Gitarre & Bass) read Hier You ll have to scroll down a bit:-). German Version only! Go to the reviews page to get a poor english version (Cuthead translation...:-))

28. Aug 08

- Guitar-recordings for 3 upcoming films including "Phantomschmerz" starring Till Schweiger, premieres in cinemas later this year and new Sat1 film starring Uwe Ochsenknecht (on guitar..!). Great fun to play on!

- More recordings for French boygroup 3nity and various others.

- If everything works out, there will be a feature/ interview about CUTHEAD in Guitarist around Oct 08, will keep you posted.

6. June 08

- Great review by the Editor of Guitarist Magazine (UK). Check it out HERE!

8. Mai 08

- Fine review from Klaus Reckert for Gaesteliste.de/ Progressive Newsletter . Check it out HERE

4. Mai 08

- Review from Music.ch, check it out HERE.

- Walkabout is now ready for downloads on iTunes.

11. Feb 08

- New recordings for DJ Bobo, Angelika Milster, Niko Tsonev (loads of fun, check out his upcoming album..) and new ZDF Movie.

- Cuthead CDs are now available for purchase in the UK, exclusively on Stunted Records!!

- Also Fonk from my new album enjoyed some airplay on the great australian radiostation Fretnet.com . Check out the playlist and listen to the show HERE . Cheers to you STEVE!!

13. Jan 08

- The new cd Walkabout is now ready for purchase at CD Baby and CeDe . Get it now!!

20. Dez 07

- Website update!! Added new Studio-Soundclips and Pics, some funstuff to listen with recordings I `ve played on over the years. Go HERE to check it out.

18. Dez 07

- New Cuthead CD "Walkabout" arrived yesterday and is available for purchase on this site via paypal and mailorder for now.

New recodings over the last few months for new Sat 1 film Die Hitzewelle and albumrecordings for FRANCINE JORDI, JACQUELINE BLOUIN, PATRICK LINDNER and FABIENNE LOUVEZ (SF1).

26. Sept 07

- Contributed guitartracks for two new german films, Marie kann zaubern and Lulu und Jimmy.

- Recordings for the new Cuthead album are almost finished and the final tune is written (very glad about that!!). Drumrecordings for the last (3) tunes will start soon, so stay tuned for some nice new instrumental guitar-stew around Oct/ Nov 07!

14. Aug 07

- The Movie Nichts als Gespenster (Nothing but Ghosts) premiered at the 60. Festival del Film Locarno . Regie Martin Gypkens , Music by Martin Todsharow

03. July 07

- Guitars, Bass and Mandolin for upcoming ZDF Film Freundschaften und andere Neurosen . Music composed by Maurus Ronner.

- Posted 4 new Cuthead tunes as a demomix on MySpace. New album should be out Oct 07. Check it out HERE.

16. Mai 07

- Release of VETTER, a nice, mellow mix of Popsongs by Singer/ Songwriter Frank Vetter.
Contributed Mandolin, Bass and loads of Guitars to the album, great fun !
Highly recommended! Check it out HERE.

10. April 07

- Finished Guitarrecordings for the upcoming Sarah Reeve Debut CD, will be released around summer 07

15. March 07

- Guitarrecordings for CH Musicstars and the upcoming german DSDS album.

07. Feb 07

- Recorded acoustic, electricguitars and bass for german filmcomposer Martin Todsharow on the Soundtrack for the upcoming movie Nichts als Gespenster , premieres around Sept. 07

21. Dez 06

- Guitarrecordings for Australian Singer/ Songwriter Sarah Reeve and for Mercedes commercial.

- Two new Cuthead Instrumentals are finished and go into Mixing soon.

14. Nov 06

- Contributed some Guitartracks for the TV Movie Die Krähen, premieres on germans Sat 1 the 14th of Nov. It will also be distributed europewide on DVD.

18. Oct 06

- Tones is now available for downloads on iTunes

- New Recordings on upcoming Rolf A. Krüger CD for Selected Sound

26. Sept 06

- No No Yes reached the top ten in Instrumental Rock at GarageBand.com and will be track of the week 2. - 9. of Oct.

25. Sept 06

- Played some acoustic guitartracks for the German TV Movie Heute Heiratet mein Ex . The film premieres on german TV channel SAT 1 the 26th of Sept.

27. Aug 06

- Updated the Linkpage, check it out

- Also posted some more Quotes from GarageBand.com on the Review Page. Read some comments about APOLLO, TONES || and NO NO YES.

26. Aug 06

- Listen to some cool Guitarmusic on Tommy T`s Live 365 BluesRockRadio. Great tunes from well known and unknown artists including Cuthead.

19. July 06

- Tones is now available for purchase at CD Baby.com as well as in 2400 stores across the US and soon ready for digital downloads on iTunes

13. July 06

- Recording Drumtracks for two new Instrumental tunes today, I`m very excited about that, there`s gonna be some hot new stuff soon !

- Also recorded acoustic and electric guitartracks for australian Singer/ Songwriter Sarah Reeve

04. July 06

- No No Yes will be Track of the Day at GarageBand.com on the 11th of July

26. June 06

- Cuthead now endorses Cort guitars and strings from

18.may 06

- Review from Gitarre & Bass, the leading german music magazine HERE

12.may 06

- Music.ch Review HERE

10.may 06

- Cuthead is in the Genre Spotlight in Instrumental Rock on Mixposure.com. Check it out HERE

25.april 06

- CD review by Keith Hannaleck read HERE

03.april 06

- Inspot got airplay on Fretnet.com Check out the playlist HERE

26.march 06

- Inspot will be track of the day on 31. of march at GarageBand.com